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NetSync for iTunes Cannot Determine iTunes Version (MacOS)
Apple recently released iTunes 12.4 which may have generated an incompatibility with their internal XML datafile. We do not know if this is a mistake or intentional by Apple, but it does break the integration of NetSync for iTunes with iTunes on MacOS. Since the version of iTunes and the ordered list of playlist tracks are reported to no longer be present in the XML file, our app - along with many others - is unable to perform its functions.

Apple has not commented or returned questions about this. We are not able to compensate for the error as there are no alternate methods of obtaining this information from iTunes. Also it does not appear broken on Windows platform which leads us to believe this is temporary.

Update!! You may have success in resolving the problem with the following steps. Apple changed the name of the XML file, but iTunes is not properly informing 3rd party apps about this. The following steps seem to resolve the Apple caused issue.
  1. Exit, do not minimize, NetSync for iTunes
  2. In iTunes go to Preferences -> Advanced tab and UNcheck the "Share XML library with other applications"
  3. Click OK and close all dialogs
  4. Exit iTunes - do not minimize
  5. Open iTunes, go to Preferences -> Advanced tab and check the checkbox for "Share XML library with other applications"
  6. Click OK and close all dialogs
  7. Open NetSync for iTunes and see if it can obtain the information. You may also have success if you reboot your Mac. This will make iTunes regenerate the XML file.

Updated: 05/23/2016 07:38

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