ReQuest Serious Play

SiriusXM Service Interruption
SiriusXM streams are currently not functional as a result of a change SiriusXM has made. All stations will repeat a message about the device being incompatible. We have contacted SiriusXM to request access to integrate the service directly into the ReQuest products.

At this time, SiriusXM has rejected our application for acceptance into the service. Until such time as they will accept new partners, ReQuest cannot even begin work on development. There is, therefore, no ETA for when the service will be restored.

10/7/2015 17:57
ReQuest Serious Play now offers Technical Support only via this online support tool. This will allow the support staff and engineers to prioritize the cases so that current dealers with in-warranty products may be served first. End-users are welcome to ask questions here, but should always seek support from their ReQuest installer.
The online support form is undergoing maintenance.

We expect it to be back online by 10/07/2015 12:30PM Eastern Time.

As an end-user customer of ReQuest, your device is supported by the dealer/installer who purchased and installed the system. That dealer is your first and best line of support and has the information and expertise to best assist you. We do value the end-user who is using the product, however we provide support to the dealers who purchased the equipment from us to install into your system.
Please enter as much detail as you can. Include all related serial numbers of any ReQuest devices you need help with.
ReQuest Serious Play Support Staff and Engineers will attempt to access your ReQuest device(s) remotely. Once this case is submitted, please make sure the device is online (if possible) and refrain from using it until requested by ReQuest staff.
   I acknowledge the remote access disclaimer.
We will make every attempt to resolve your problem or answer your question but support of an out-of-warranty system is not free. You may be billed for support at $125/hour.
   I acknowledge the support charge statement.
We value all customers, installers, dealers, distributors, and end users of ReQuest products. However, we are a small company with nearly 30,000 machines installed worldwide. We cannot provide direct phone support to the end-user customers of ReQuest products. We can assist you online and via email. If you need to speak with someone or set up a service call, please contact your dealer directly.