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Full Spectrum Entertainment.

With the new ReQuest MediaPlayer Plus (MP Plus), your ReQuest system comes alive with video content and more.

Archive your DVD collection to a NAS connected ReQuest server, and the compact and affordable MediaPlayer reveals the entire collection organized into a searchable, intuitive onscreen interface. Multiple family members can browse and watch separate archived movies on different MediaPlayer equipped TVs.

When the movie is finished, the entertainment has only just begun - access your ReQuest music collection  right at your fingertips. Weather, Stocks, Webcams, and more bring a constant stream of information all over the home.

The MP Plus packs an additional secret weapon - archive your music and movies directly to your NAS storage device with the built-in Blu-ray disc drive.

With the MediaPlayer, ReQuest delivers video content and award-winning distributed music capabilities. Up to 4 MediaPlayers (15 when coupled with an approved NAS) can be connected through your home network to your ReQuest system, delivering HD video to your television in 1080p via HDMI outputs.

Recommended adaptors for option video out: ComponentVGA, HDMI (On Board).

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