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NSFiT2 iTunes Integration

Your family's entire iTunes music collection available everywhere and anywhere!

Seamless Synching with iTunes, iPods, and iPhones
NetSync for iTunes redefines iPod use in a whole house audio system. Until now, one-dimensional iPod docks have been the only option for including an iPod into a home system. With their built-in limitations, docking devices only allow conventional iPod use. NetSync for iTunes eliminates these restrictions.

Music from ANY Household Member’s iTunes Library is Available on the Server
With NetSync for iTunes, music from everyone’s iPod or iPhone is always available - even when they take their iPods with them! Built on our patented NetSync technology, NetSync for iTunes can synchronize everyone’s iTunes libraries into one master collection stored on the ReQuest server. NetSync for iTunes allows everyone to enjoy their music whether at home, at the office, or in the car.

Version 2.1 now available!



Please make sure to uninstall any previous version of NetSync for iTunes before installing the Preview Release of NSFIT2.