The ReQuest Ecosystem
F3 Multi-zone Media Server
iQ Whole house Media Solution
MP Plus Archiver & Video Client
MP Mini Lightweight Video Client
Maestro for Mobile Devices
NSFiT2 iTunes Integration

Everything you need to get the party started

iQ is a complete solution for multi-room audio and video entertainment with unrivaled performance and features.

The iQ System combines a powerful multizone media server and an intelligent multiroom amplifier to fill your home with music. Each iQ system comes with the colorful 2-way in-wall TS8 touch screen control. Adding a MediaPlayer Plus or MediaPlayer Mini will extend the capabilities of the iQ system to include playback and management of your entire DVD movielibrary on TVs throughout your home.

At its heart, iQ is a seven-source system delivering superb audio playback to as many as forty-two independent zones. Using ReQuest's NetSync for iTunessoftware, an unlimited number of iTunes libraries can share music using the iQ music server as the central hub. ReQuest's Maestroextends control of your system to your favorite tablet and even lets your music and movies follow you anywhere you can get a WiFi or 3G signal.

iQ is the only multiroom audio system that will share a music collection between multiple homes. Install an iQ in your vacation home, and your music collections automatically mirror each other, ensuring you get the same great ReQuest experience while getting away from it all.

Recommended adapters for option video out: ComponentComposite, S-Video, VGA (On Board).

Your Music Library

Pandora, SiriusXM, and Streaming Radio

iTunes Library Integration

Weather and Widgets

Optional Solid State Drive

High Definition Audio

Multi-location Library Sync

Multiple Audio Zones