The ReQuest Ecosystem
F3 Multi-zone Media Server
iQ Whole house Media Solution
MPPlus Archiver & Video Client
MPMini Lightweight Video Client
NAS Request Media Storage
Maestro for Mobile Devices
NSFiT2 iTunes Integration

Your music, your movies, your way.

With the F3 server at its core, the ReQuest solution is a true ecosystem of best-in-class entertainment devices. Our new MediaPlayer Plus brings a powerhouse of movie and video capabilities with a built-in Blu-ray Disc Drive for rapid archiving of your music and movies. MediaPlayer Plus brings all the same video client capabilities to a smaller, whisper quiet chassis for spreading video playback out to other TVs and Home Theaters. With our extensive control integration module library plus our own Maestro control capabilities, the F3 can fit into almost any environment.

Whether you are looking to pump music into your modern city loft or spread control of a full-flight multi-zoned entertainment system among multiple houses, ReQuest has a solution for you. Let ReQuest remove all the barriers and fall in love with your music and movie collection all over agian.

Only ReQuest:

...allows you to take your media everywhere with the ability to stream your music and movies directly to your Maestro equipped portable device.

...automatically dual encodes your music to give you a full sized high quality music file for filling your home audio system with rich sound while also giving you a smaller file for portable devices and streaming.

...synchronizes your music to multiple iTunes libraries with our one-of-a-kind NetSync for iTunes library sync application.

...synchronizes your music to multiple homes so your vacation home and yacht can have the same great selection.

...lets you monitor your system from anywhere with ARQLink.

Now Available Q1 2014, the ReQuest NAS allow you to start or expand your existing ReQuest system to accomidate your growing music and video needs.

Use the ReQuest NAS to add network to house your growing media collections. Coming in Tabletop and Rack mount flavors, equiped with 4 bays, that can add up to an extra 12TB (240 Blu-rays, 1,500 DVDs, over 18,000 CDs) of RAID5 media storage to your ReQuest Ecosystem.


New Media Player UI:

Media Player line and AudioOne debut:

Your Music Library

Your DVD Movie Library

Blu-ray Disc Playback

Streaming Radio and Pandora

iTunes Library Integration

Control Integration

Weather and Widgets

Optional Solid State Drive

High Definition Audio

Multi-location Library Sync

Multiple Audio Zones