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An AudioReQuest system is fun and easy to use. It will only take you a moment to find a great piece of music that you had forgotten meant so much to you - literally helping you rediscover your music collection. In addition, you can search and organize your entire collection by Song, Artist, Album, Genre or Playlist. Fun and function in one easy-to-use package.

"This is easily the coolest product we've come across in the last few years."
When and Where You Want
It's your music. You should be able to enjoy it wherever you want. With AudioReQuest, once your music has been loaded, you can listen anywhere in the world. You can easily manage your music collection from any PC or Mac and transfer music to a portable player such as an iPod. Just drag and drop and the AudioReQuest seamlessly communicates. The music from your AudioReQuest is available to you in every room throughout your house... and even a room in Moscow, a flat in London or your yacht cruising in the Caribbean.

Our AudioReQuest Line

  • S.Series: Our flagship model. Huge CD quality storage for large collections
  • F.Series: Multi-room audio from a single unit
  • N.Series: Award-winning features for basic installations
  • ArQive: Provides additonal audio zones and automatic backup

Additional Features for Accessing Your Music

  • ARQLink: Allows you to log into your AudioReQuest from any PC web browser in the world
  • NetSync: Automatically backs up your music to another AudioReQuest at any location
  • JavaRemote: Control your AudioReQuest from any PC
  • ARQPocket: Control your AudioReQuest from a Pocket PC
  • Ready To Play: A third-party music-loading service
Click on the image below to download the AudioReQuest brochure.
Click here to download the AudioReQuest brochure
Did You Know?
AudioReQuest works with the iPod or any other portable MP3 player.
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