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F2c – Compact F2 Server Now Shipping

Friday, December 10th, 2010


The F2c

Our newest server packs all the wallop of the F2 into a smaller footprint. The F2c comes ready to play with two zones of audio and the capability to add MediaPlayers or IMCs for video and multimedia.

Taking up the space between our bundled F1 system and our top of the line F4 system, the F2c is a great fit for the home that needs more than one zone of audio and more room to expand their collection.

Compatible with our MediaPlayer and IMC multimedia clients, the F2c is the foundation of a serious entertainment solution for the growing home.

    • 2 independent zones of audio


  • Support up to 3 NAS units for unlimited storage



  • Built-in DVD drive for archiving all your media at the fastest speeds


Click Here for a Data Sheet

F1 Multimedia Bundle

Friday, December 10th, 2010


The F1 Bundle

The F1 bundle is your entry into the world of high-end multimedia enjoyment, bundling everything you need to begin enjoying digital music and movies throughout your home into an affordable one-stop solution!
    • Single Zone F1 Server


  • MediaPlayer video and multimedia client included



  • Ready to stream content from Hulu, YouTube, and your NetFlix Watch Instantly Queue plus streaming radio and support for Pandora.


Click Here for a Data Sheet

Harmony by ReQuest featured in a video on

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Harmony, ReQuest’s custom commercial music and digital signage platform, was featured last month at the Consumer Engagement Technology World show and we got lots of great response and feedback.

Dave from even managed to film a portion of our presentation! Click here to check out the full article and video.

F1 – The Multimedia Powerhouse from ReQuest

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010


Introducing F1 Bundle, the all new multimedia one-stop solution from ReQuest.

The F1 MediaBase server brings all the features of ReQuest’s Serious Play servers into a single-zone unit. Automatic dual encoding allows you to listen to high quality music at home while having smaller files for iPods and streaming. NetSync for iTunes lets you keep all your personal music libraries seamlessly in sync with your ReQuest library. Streaming Radio and Pandora ensure nearly unlimited listening options. NAS support guarantees you will never run out of space for your ever-expanding collection.

The F1 bundle includes a MediaPlayer that unlocks the more power of the system, bringing a wide range of multimedia options to your hi-def television. Play back your archived DVDs, stream hilarious YouTube clips, watch classic TV and free movies with Hulu, and even watch your Netflix “Watch Instantly” queue. The MediaPlayer also controls the Sony Blu-ray Disc Megachanger and even acts like another audio zone, allowing you to stream your music collection to your connected home theater system.

F1 Bundle grows with your home. Whenever you add a new TV or entertainment system, just connect a new MediaPlayer and your entire collections shows up in that room as well!

ReQuest Serious Play 6.3.1 Now Available with support for Pandora on Crestron and AMX

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Serious Play 6.3.1 is now available. This release includes the ability to control Pandora using our latest AMX and Crestron touch panel modules. Listen to your Pandora station and give a “thumbs up” to your favorite tracks or “thumbs down” to songs you are tired of and Pandora learns to deliver content tailored to your tastes. Download these modules on our Documents and Downloads page.

This software update also includes a new “Episode Selector” for Netflix content. You no longer need to start at the beginning of the series and scroll through each time to get to the desired episode.

6.3.1 also allows editing and archiving of movies on NetSync clients plus a number of speed and performance improvements.

Click herefor a complete list of Serious Play release notes.

ReQuest Control Modules for Universal Remote, RTI, and Crestron now available for download.

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010


Two-way control modules for your F.Series are now available for download.

The Crestron module features the same colorful GUI as ReQuest’s own touch screen controls. Systems with Classical Music Mode will now be able to see all of that information on their Crestron control systems.

Modules are also available for RTI and Universal Remote Control touch panels. Current users have praised the “remarkably quick” controls.

Control modules for AMX are expected to be available shortly. These modules are all freely available now in our Documents and Downloads section.

NSFiT2 Updated for iTunes 10

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

A new version of NetSync for iTunes is available for download or update. This version has been updated and tested to work with the latest version of iTunes.

Current users will be automatically prompted to update their software.

Not using NetSync for iTunes yet? Click here to get started!

Serious Play 6.3 – Pandora!

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Serious Play 6.3 is now available! This release includes support for Pandora, bringing hundreds of user-customized stations to your F.Series and iQ systems. Skip songs you dislike, mark songs you like as favorites, and Pandoras delivers music tailored to your tastes. With your Pandora One account, you will get full cover art and metadata, unlimited skipping, and a high quality audio stream.

Pandora on the F.Series is controllable via any browser or touch screen with the latest integration modules.

ReQuest systems require Streaming Radio capability to use Pandora.

This update also includes an update to the Serious Play web server, optimizing it for use with the iPad web browser.

All the same rich information and real-time feedback you are used to in a computer browser is now in the palm of your hands.

Add music to your queue with the same “click anywhere” interface. Edit metadata for one track or an entire album. View any and every zone in the house all from your multi-touch tablet.

For full Serious Play 6.3 details and notes, click here.

IMC 1.2.2 Now Available

Friday, June 18th, 2010

The Intelligent Media Client’s latest firmware release is now available.

This update improves the IMC’s interaction with Hulu and Netflix as well as improving control of the Sony Blu-ray Disc Megachanger.

For complete release notes, check out our ReQuest Firmware Release Notes.

NetSync for iTunes 2 now at version

Monday, June 14th, 2010

This update for NSFiT2 includes Improved support for non-English Windows as well as overall performance improvements.

Click on Help > Release Notes inside the application for full details.