ReQuest 2011 and Beyond… New Products and More on the way!

F3 – All The Features You Love in a Compact New Package

ReQuest has wrapped up the entire ReQuest experience into a single box. With 3 independent analog zones of audio and 1 HD digital output, the new F3 can truly provide the brains of any multiroom solution.

With a fanless chassis, optional whisper-quiet solid state drive, and the ability to playback 96kHz/24-bit HD Audio, F3 provides a truly pristine and detailed listening experience suitable for any audio enthusiast’s listening room.

Add a MediaPlayer and a ReQuest-approved NAS, and the F3 becomes a true entertainment powerhouse. Archived DVD and Blu-ray movies, Hulu, YouTube, and your NetFlix Watch Instantly queue blend seamlessly together into a tapestry of entertainment options all delivered in blazing 1080p to any connected TV. With a Blu-ray connection kit, you can also control the Sony Megachanger, allowing you to browse up to 400 Blu-ray discs seamlessly in the same intuitive interface.

New price sheets are available in our Dealer Zone.

Click Here for the “F3 for Music Lovers” Datasheet

Click Here for the “F3 for Movie Lovers” Datasheet

Click Here for the “F3 for Multiroom” Datasheet

Maestro – Browse, Control and Stream

Coming soon, ReQuest on every iOS and Android equipped device! Control your system in the house or stream your music and movies over 3G anywhere. Stay tuned or follow us on Twitter for updates!

A new product FAQ as well as a recording of our recent webcast announcing these updates and more will be available in the Dealer Zone on Thursday.

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