Serious Play 6.2 Released


The latest software update for all ReQuest Serious Play servers is loaded with new features such as streaming radio, web server performance enhancements, and better GUIs.
First, all F.Series V5 servers and iQs get the new streaming radio service for free. Older (non V5) N, F and S.Series will be able to add the radio service for an upgrade fee. The Web Remote Interfaces will now display the colorful and intuitive GUI users currently enjoy in the IMC.
On the IMC side, users can now control their YouTube favorites through the IMC interface on screen interface. Add, delete, or browse your favorite videos right on your TV. Additionally, all YouTube videos can now be viewed in three sizes – quarter screen, half screen, and full screen, just like YouTube’s web player. All video sources on the IMC will now follow a unified interface format. Hulu, YouTube, Netflix have all been redesigned to match the DVD movie library format with simple, easy-to-use navigation.
SP 6.2 also adds support for Nuvo NVT2-SIR and NVT2-FAM tuners with iQ systems and offers a new theme for the Elan 4″ display.
There are over twenty new features and big speed improvements in Serious Play 6.2. Download the free update and enjoy!

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